Boat Maintenance 101: Everything You Should Know

Tips for Boat Maintenance

If you are a boat owner, you should definitely understand how to maintain a boat to keep it running efficiently. It is a little similar to automobile maintenance. Some take care independently, and some require professionals to do so. Earlier it was really difficult to maintain a boat, as those were made of wood. However, modern age boats are made of fiberglass, and aluminum, which is easy to maintain and can be repaired easily.

The most basic step for boat maintenance is to keep the boat clean, tidy, and lubricated which can be done without any professional help. If you do not maintain a fiberglass boat, the fiberglass gel coat will start turning chalky. It needs to be washed and waxed on a regular basis to avoid mold and mildew from growing on the canvass.

One of the most important things you need to consider doing every time after boating in the saltwater is flushing your engine. The maintenance process is different for every boat; inboard boat motor maintenance is a bit different from outboard boats & than that from stern-drive boats.

Another important point to consider is to give a visual inspection to check if everything is okay with your boat after every trip.


Checklist for Your Boat Maintenance

– Engine
– Plumbing and HVAC systems in larger boats
– Canvass and Upholstery
– The bottom of the boat (Hull) and topsides
– Moving parts such as hinges, tracks, and zippers

Though some people consider doing some of the chores themselves, some chores are usually left for the professionals, like changing the engine oil, painting the boat’s hull, lubricating, etc., as taking care of a boat can be a difficult job for you, sometimes.


Types of Boat Repair

 There are two types of boat repairs:


Preventive Maintenance Repair

This is done on a daily basis or periodically to ensure that the boat is in good condition and well maintained, even when there is no damage. It helps to avoid the breakdown maintenance cost.


Breakdown Maintenance Repair

This is done if any part of the boat is broken or damaged and needs immediate changing/replacement or if there is any system failure and needs immediate attention.

Tips for Boat Maintenance

  • Washing your boat removes saltwater buildup from the boat, which can be very corroding. Therefore, it is very important to flush the motor.
  • Most boat accidents take place due to flat batteries. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the battery every six months, ensure that your battery is filled with distilled water, should be charged, and should be able to hold the charge for a long time.
  • Make sure that there are no cracks in your fuel lines, and keep your oil in check, just like your automobile. If the oil is turning dark, make sure to change it. If it is turning milky, you need to consult a professional and let them handle the issue.
  • Ensure there are no dents or scratches that would lead to water leaks. Water bung should plugin securely and check the navigation lights and the pumps are working.
  • You should always do a walkthrough about 3-4 times a year to make sure that your boat is free of wear and tear. Engines should be taken care of; sparkplugs should be changed with the engine servicing. Look out for any rumbling noise in the engine; if you hear one, immediately seek out a boat professional.
  • The repair procedure is different for different boats, based on the boat’s design and construction. The repair and maintenance method needs to be decided depending on whether the boat has a drive shaft, a waterjet, a stern-drive, or it is directly coupled or propelled. The hull is usually fiberglass; however, the engineering may vary when it comes to repairs. Common Reason Why a Boat Needs Repair The main reason a boat needs full-fledged repair is the negligence of the boat owner. If you keep a routine check on the boat after every trip, or once a week, as instructed in the user manual, the need to go for the full-fledged repair would be much less, or it might never arise! Looking for professional help for boat maintenance can be very tiring and time-consuming at the same time. The solutions to all your steering & control-related problems are with Multiflex products, which are ISO compliant. We have a customer-friendly website, which responds to the customer’s query instantly. We also manufacture Steering Products with the most innovative technology and other boat parts, at a very competitive price. For more information, visit