11 Best Ways to Save Fuel While Boating!

11 Best Ways to Save Fuel While Boating!

You wouldn’t want to refuel your boat multiple times, wasting your time into refueling or worrying about your money getting consumed in the fuel if you want to have a perfect boating day. Amazing to know that a few ideas opted in the marine industry to save your fuel can help you with the maintenance of your boat; also save up a couple of pennies and a lot of time for you.

These aren’t the hacks that would consume a lot of your time or would need to employ a big manual power or energy. These are simple facts and ideas that would just need your understanding and implementation not so very often, and you would be happy to see the minor efforts yours getting paid off big.

  1. Tune your engine

Make sure to get your engine serviced and tuned up at least once a year. This will help the outboard run more efficiently.

  1. Get the right propeller

Studies say that the use of the right propeller can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. The efficiency of the propellers is best when they are aligned with the right kind of boat and the purpose you use it for. Also, see if your boat would run at wide-open throttle (WOT) which wouldn’t be a possibility with the use of a wrong propeller and would thus decrease the fuel efficiency.

  1. Check your propeller

A propeller that is not in a good condition i.e. dinged or broken will decrease the fuel economy. It is very important to inspect the propeller and replace it if needed. Also, important to make sure that the propeller is kept clean because barnacles and other growth can cause damage to the propellers and eventually hit the fuel economy.

  1. Clean your hull

Attachment of Barnacles or stuck-on grass can make it difficult for the hull to move to make a heavy drag. This way it will get harder for the engine to work. Boats in places that are warm will need cleaning weekly, however, those at the colder places might need it once a month.

  1. Measure your fuel flow

Installation of a fuel-flow meter will show you in real-time the amount of fuel per hour your engine is burning. It can help you analyze the most optimal speed for your boat. While this meter comes standard on newer boats, you can also get it installed I your boat at a shop.

  1. Upgrade your motor

The upgraded or newer engines are more efficient. The reason to save fuel might not only be the reason to upgrade your engine, however, but it is also better to look in the market for an engine with better fuel economy if you are searching for a new motor.

  1. Ditch extra stuff

Take only what is necessary while you are boating. If you have additional weight, it will take more energy for the engine to drag the boat.

  1. Lighten your tanks

Avoid running with a full freshwater or fuel tank. Water weighs approximately eight pounds per gallon, and many of the boats have fresh water tanks that can hold 100 gallons. So storing only the required amount of water (50 gallons) can help for miles. Gasoline, on the other hand, weighs six pounds per gallon, so if you don’t require a full tank for your return journey, just decrease your load.

  1. Avoid excess idling

 It’s a misconception that newer engines would need time to heat up. On the other hand, modern engines are fuel injected, so whenever you light them, they’re ready to go.

  1. Rearrange your passengers

Your boat engine will be most efficient when it is trimmed i.e. roughly parallel to its at-rest waterline, also when it is not leaning too far to one side. If it is safe, request your passengers to move so the weight is evenly distributed. It will make the boat stable and will lead to higher fuel efficiency.

  1. Plan a shorter trip

The biggest hack to save fuel is to run your engine less. Travel to closer places or destinations.

Now, you know the easiest and best hacks to have a perfect boating day and perfect boating experience! Visit the Multiflex marine website now, to know more!